Okay, so finding a pub with Welsh speakers is going to be a brilliant tactic to start learning Welsh. You may be asking where would you find a pub with Welsh speakers? Well some 22% of Wales speak Welsh and the number is rising all of the time, so it stands to reason that 1 in every 5 people in a Welsh pub should be able to speak Welsh.

The problem is that sometimes we Welsh speakers are too nice, we won’t necessarily always speak Welsh if we feel that others may be put out by it – so you may find it hard in some places to come by a Welsh speaker.


There is always a pub or two in most towns throughout Wales with a number of Welsh speaking regulars, hunt out your local pub of that sort, get some cash out and take yourself along for the night. There are hundreds of informal meetups that happen on a weekly or monthly basis throughout the whole of Wales.


Practising your Welsh in a pub is a great idea because you will often find that people in these pubs will tend to speak the colloquial form of the language, that is to say that this would be the Welsh you hear in the pubs, shops, cafes and streets of this country. There’s nothing wrong with classroom Welsh at all, but if we’re down the pub we want to sound pretty informal.

People in pubs tend to be quite forthcoming with their help if you offer to buy them a pint. How much is a pint in an average pub nowadays? £3.50? How much is an hour of personal Welsh tutoring? £25? £30? I think you can see where we’re going here…