NOTE: The Welsh covered here is what we would call “Colloquial Welsh”, i.e the Welsh that real people speak on the streets. If you have studied any Welsh previously, you may notice some subtle differences in both the spoken and written form – this is totally normal and don’t worry about it. If you’ve learnt “Rydw i” instead of “Dw i”, don’t worry! If you’ve learnt “Roedd” instead of “Oedd”, don’t worry!

They often say that one of the best things you can do as a Welsh learner is to get yourself on the bus or the train and make your way to a town that speaks a lot of Welsh.


Whilst there are lots of places you can practice your Welsh (Neil at Parallel.cymru made a really good list here) right across Wales, I would really recommend heading to an area where you are likely to hear Welsh everywhere you go, such as Caernarfon, Porthmadog, Pwllheli, Carmarthen or Aberaeron – especially outside of the Summer tourist season.


Hopefully these videos should get you started on finding your way around whatever town you decide to visit. “Ble mae’r siop coffi?” is always a good starter point, or even “Blae mae’r pub?” – the second one sounds a lot more fun but it really depends on what kind of day you want to have!

Give this video a go, and if you’re interested in taking your Welsh to the next level, check out our “Dysgu/Learn” page.