NOTE: The Welsh covered here is what we would call “Colloquial Welsh”, i.e the Welsh that real people speak on the streets. If you have studied any Welsh previously, you may notice some subtle differences in both the spoken and written form – this is totally normal and don’t worry about it. If you’ve learnt “Rydw i” instead of “Dw i”, don’t worry! If you’ve learnt “Roedd” instead of “Oedd”, don’t worry!

The Eisteddfod is an annual festival that celebrates Welsh life and culture. Rather than being held in one single location, it moves around the country every single Summer, generally moving from the south of the country to the north with the occasional appearance in mid-Wales every so often.

This year (2018) the Eisteddfod will be held in Cardiff Bay and marks a break from tradition for the Eisteddfod, as this will be the first Eisteddfod “without gates” – that is, without the need to purchase tickets or pay for entry.

Therefore this year’s Eisteddfod is expected to be very busy indeed, with all-time high visitor numbers expected.

If you’re visiting the Eisteddfod this year as a learner of the language, try this video out and you’ll have enough Welsh to be able to get by!

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