Thought about getting a Welsh language tutor?

Are you learning Welsh? Are you struggling to find an experienced speaker to practice with? Is your language learning hitting a stumbling block? Have you ever thought about connecting with a Welsh language tutor for some informal tutoring?

I’ve recently joined the internet based Italki website, which offers informal and formal tutoring of multiple languages to students all over the world – and whilst I find my feet on the program I am offering informal tutoring sessions for a low cost.


As a fluent Welsh speaker, who learned the language myself – I understand exactly how learners feel and understand the many pitfalls a Welsh learner can fall into.

I have been tutoring Welsh learners for approximately 18 months and have a very high success rate with my learners.


I also offer trial lessons that last 30 minutes and are slightly cheaper in order for you to check if this method will work for you.

If you have any interest in arranging a lesson, please visit my Italki page at or email me at