Are you a football fan? I hope so because this video is all about the most popular sport in the world. Football, or pel-droed as we call it in Wales.

One of the best things about football in Wales is the amount of Welsh you will hear in the terraces, especially if you watch football in the Welsh Premier League.


Teams like Caernarfon Town, Bala Town, Aberystwyth Town, Carmarthen Town and Barry Town United have lots of supporters that speak Welsh. So hearing the language being spoken on a regular basis at these grounds is not uncommon.

I have held a tournament ticket in the Canton Stand for Wales home matches for a number of years and I am lucky enough to be sat in an area that has a fair number of Welsh speakers around.

Use this video to get a basic grip on some of the basic football terms in Welsh. Maybe you’ll be able to convince someone that you can a) speak Welsh and b) actually know something about the match?

If you’re interested in learning Welsh in more detail make sure you take a look at our Dysgu Cymraeg/Learn Welsh page.