Review: Byrgyr, Aberystwyth

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When I found out there was going to be a “burger” restaurant opening in Aberystwyth, I got excited for a moment, so waiting for 2 months for the place to open has been very frustrating… but last Tuesday night, I got my first chance to find out what all the fuss was about.

They have called the Cambria building their home, near the Pier in Aberystwyth. I had heard lots of good things over the web about them over the weekend – because they opened officially three days ago.


The first things you’ll notice, especially people with an interest in the Welsh language, is just how “prominent” the language is on everything they do, which is really encouraging. The staff speak it, the owners speak it, and more importantly, they have hired staff as learners of the Welsh language, helping to grow the number of Welsh speakers in the Ceredigion area, which is really important.

IMG_4318The place? It’s open, stylish and modern, with lots of wooden features everywhere which gives a comfortable feeling to the place. Somehow, it feels like the type of place where you would be happy to go for a “posh meal” at the same time as calling in for a “quick lunch break” during your work.


There were 10 of us eating tonight, so they definitely had their work cut out for them in the kitchen to tell the truth. Every single one of us chose something different to the next person, so we were feeling a little bit guilty for stretching their skills out so early!

As vegetarians, me and my wife always get a bit disappointed when we look at a menu and find find one “token veggie burger”. So we were really happy to find more than one, more than two, loads of options for vegetarians like us. So thanks for that!

I had the “Corn Gwlad” – vegetarian burger, a burger with a bit of a “kick”, filled with fresh salad and a lovely bun. The taste was excellent, full of flavour! My wife had the “Aber” burger, which is also suitable for vegans. That was tasty also, because we were sharing the two! We also had “Loaded Fries with cheese” They were great.

IMG_4314To drink, I had a couple of bottles of “Preseli Pils” while my wife drank house red wine. That’s the thing with Byrgyr, the guys who run the place come from the local area – so they use local resources, local meat, local drinks and things like that.

We were served through the medium of Welsh, even though the staff helping us were learners, so fair play to them all!

The ten of us enjoyed the evening, and we were all very happy with what Byrgyr had to offer. Even though we do not eat meat, our friends said that their burgers were very tasty and they all enjoyed them a lot.

If you want to go somewhere comfortable but luxurious at the same time, it’s impossible to beat Byrgyr in the Ceredigion. Food – amazing, Welcome – warm, View out of the window – the sea!


Visit soon, before everyone finds out!


Book Review: Cofio Anghofio by Alan Maley

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I was delighted to read this book, I have to admit. If I had had enough time then I would have been able to finish it in one sitting.

The characters are believable, relatable and you feel like you need to choose one side over the other when reading about the internal fractions of the family that is so close to tragedy.


I can see different people throwing their support behind different characters, depending on what kind of person you are. There’s the businessman with a stone heart, Huw; Catrin’s daughter who has changed a lot since moving up to the north; his sister Sian with a kind heart, and the mother of the family.

What Elin Meek has done with the book has made it fit into the Welsh language rather well. She has given a little Welsh feeling to the words of Alan Maley without removing too much away from her source.

The only thing I can say against the book is that at 114 pages. I would have been able to carry on reading it for another 100 pages and I felt the book was a little short.

The story evolves as we turn each page and the story is enough to keep your interest and leave you with a desire to read more. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something where they can relate to the story. You feel that everything builds as the story moves forward.

I was surprised how easy the book was to read. As someone who finds an advanced level book is sometimes difficult, I was surprised how easy it was to follow the story and relax at reading.

This book is suitable for learners who can read a higher level comfortably. Also, if you read a lower level and want to develop your reading skills, I can tell you that this book will be perfectly suited to you, especially with the useful words at the bottom of each page.

I did not find this book difficult at all and more importantly, I enjoyed getting to know the characters. I found myself sometimes reading rather than going to sleep, when I should have slept some hours ago!

Nicky Roberts

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Review: Crwst, Aberteifi/Cardigan.

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Crwst, Aberteifi.

I’m a big fan of Cardigan, but I have to admit that I don’t travel down to Cardigan as much as I should, given that I’ve been living only 40 miles or so up the road in Aberystwyth for a year and a half now.

To illustrate that point better, the last time I visited Cardigan, this cafe was still what had been for some times an empty, rundown building.


Crwst in a previous life!

My friend Nic had been praising the cafe to the hills over recent weeks due to its superb drinks and excellent service in Welsh, so I made a mental note to make sure I popped in the next time I found myself with a couple of hours to spare.

With my wife busy at work and no World Cup fixtures to contend with, I made the hour-ish long drive down to Cardigan to try and hunt it out (I hadn’t actually done the sensible thing and Googled it or anything!, I just assumed I would run into it), so imagine my surprise when I notice that the new place holds home in the previous “Siop y Cardi”

The place is bright and airy with a high ceiling, the furniture is a mix of wooden tables and chairs with some interplaced settees dotted around the place.

In terms of what’s available, there are three separate areas – the coffee bar, the food bar and the bar bar, that is to say the alcohol and soft drinks bar!


So I made my way over the coffee bar and was delighted to hear staff introducing themselves and taking orders in Welsh first, which was superb to hear.

“Oes gennych chi llaeth soy?” I asked (Do you have soy milk?)
“Oes” came the answer (Yes).
I had a chat with the guy behind the counter for a minute or so, exchanged pleasantries and told him how much I liked the new place and that I’d heard good things.

So I ordered a soy cappucino and took my seat.

Crwst2 Crwst attracts an interesting mix of people, evidenced by the clientelle present. Behind me I had a group of 30-something friends, who arrived at 2.02pm, 2 minutes late for the Brunch that closed at 2pm, but despite being slightly too late, Crwst took their order and served them all in the time it took for me to finish my coffee.

My coffee was superb, expertly made and served by a friendly lady who was keen to make sure everything was okay – and even revisited me a couple of minutes later to double check.


A Soy Cappuccino, Primark sunglasses, a Cymraeg lanyard and Ford Fiesta keys.

When you visit Crwst you will find a warm Welsh welcome, lovely, friendly staff and a superb coffee to boot!

Highly recommended if you are in the area.