Beth ydy hyn? (What’s this?)
Hello! or “Croeso” as we say in Welsh.

“Use your Welsh” is a website aimed at the general public and businesses alike. The point of the website? To encourage more of us to get out there and use our Welsh!

The Welsh language is the senior language of the United Kingdom, existing long before the English language evolved. You may not realise but in large parts of Wales the Welsh language is the first language of the community. It is the main tongue used in pubs, coffee shops, classrooms and supermarkets, from Caernarfon and Pwllheli in the north to Tregaron and Aberaeron in mid-Wales, down to Crymych and Llanelli in the west and places like Rhydaman and Pontcanna in the south.


Even in places that are not generally considered “Welsh speaking” such as Newport, Wrexham and Brecon there are thousands of families living their lives almost exclusively through the medium of Welsh, only using the English language when the need arises.

“In March 2018, the Welsh Government asked 11,000 adults in Wales and found that:
83% of non-Welsh speakers were proud of the language
63% of non-Welsh speakers thought more should be done to support the language
62% of non-Welsh speakers would like to be able to speak it”

The Welsh government have recently revealed their plans to arrive at their target of 1,000,000 Welsh speakers by the year 2050. With the demand for Welsh medium education far out-stripping the amount of schools of available, it is clear that the Welsh language is certainly on the up at the moment. This has been helped by the birth of learning resources such as Say Something in Welsh and Duolinguo but also by an ever-growing higher confidence as a nation overall.

…but it needs more help!
This website is designed to encourage people to go out and use and your Welsh!

Whether you are a totally fluent speaker whose confidence has dipped or someone who has just finished your first Welsh lesson. This website will help get you through buying your first pint in a pub, ordering your first meal in a restaurant, having a chat with your mates, going down the football, getting about town without getting lost and where to go to learn the language in more detail – you know? the stuff you currently do in English.


For businesses, this website will give you an insight on how to greet customers, how to deal with their enquiries and how to provide the same great service that you do in English to your Welsh speaking customers! When you’ve exhausted all of the resources here, head to the “Learn Welsh/Dysgu Cymraeg” page and you’ll be able to find more resources to take your next step.

Also, check out our forum where you will find a community of fellow learners and fluent speakers, all happy and willing to answer any questions that you may have.

So, who are you?

My name is Nicky. I learned Welsh as an adult “mewn amser byr” or in English, “in a short time”.


I’ve been running a YouTube channel called “Learn Welsh with Nicky” since I started learning the language, which has told the story of my learning process and in turn helped others start learning the language themselves.

The idea behind “Use your Welsh!” was to create a website that encouraged those who were thinking about learning Welsh, but hadn’t quite made the decision yet – as I myself remember being at that point for a while before making the decision to start learning.

I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoyed making it!

To contact me, you can email me at: or

Pob lwc (Good luck)
Use your Welsh!