ssiwSay Something in Welsh
“Say Something in Welsh” (commonly known as “SSIW”) is an online course, mobile app and community that has been running since 2009.
SSIW teaches Welsh using an impressive aural-first approach and has been achieving brilliant results for years, producing thousands of fluent Welsh speakers very quickly.
SSIW offers a “Northern” and a “Southern” course, voiced by different people, allowing the user to achieve a very convincing and colloquial grip on the language. SSIW also run 6 month and 2 year guided/tutored courses as well as organising “bootcamps” several times a year and regular social events.

parallel is a bi-lingual magazine-style website aimed at both Welsh learners and fluent speakers alike and cleverly presents the reader with articles aimed at different skill levels, which makes the overall experience very pleasurable. All articles are written with Welsh on one side of the page and English on the other and this is a brilliant website to improve your reading comprehension. Several articles also come with an audio/spoken version, which makes things ever better. A must-read for all Welsh learners.

duolingoDuolingo – Welsh Course
Duolingo is without doubt the most popular method of learning a new language for free and the popular site recently celebrated its 1,000,000th Welsh learner.
The course follows the same sort of format as other languages on the site and is a very good resource for those who want to learn “on the go” due to it’s useful companion mobile app for your smartphone. Duolingo can become incredibly addictive due to its “game-like” nature, which as you’ll understand can be both a good thing and a bad thing!


Ap Geiriadur
Ap Geiriadur is one of the most useful apps out there not only for Welsh learners but also for fluent Welsh speakers.
Essentially a bi-lingual dictionary in smartphone app form. Ap Geiriadur comes into its own when you’re desperate to find “that” word that has been annoying you all day.
Also incredibly useful when you’ve heard part of a word somewhere due to its “Start typing, see the potential words” nature of operation. Highly recommended and arguably a lot better than using Google Translate to find individual words.


S4C, or “Sianel Pedwar Cymru” to give it its proper name, is at present the only Welsh language television channel in the UK.
An amazing resource for learners as its online programmes all come with both English and Welsh subtitling and once you start watching you’ll realise that a lot of the programming is actually quite interesting and entertaining, especially if you have links with Wales yourself.


Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg / I’m learning Welsh
This Facebook group is probably the most popular of the “Welsh learning” groups out there on Facebook and is always full of people happy to answer questions and help solve your problems you encounter whilst learning the language.
A good method of meeting other learners and this group tends to attract a good and fair mix of learners from every mode and method of the Welsh learning world.

SiopyPetheSiop y Pethe
Believed to be the first Welsh language book shop in Wales. Siop y Pethe is a great resource for getting hold of learning materials such as books, dictionaries, videos and other materials as well as selling a wide range of crafts, beauty products, homeware and art. A must-visit if you ever find yourself in Aberystwyth, especially if you find yourself in Aberystwyth on a Wednesday, during their weekly “Clwb Clonc” session for learners.
Welshspeakingpractice is a community of Welsh learners and fluent speakers who take part in an online community that meet for both 1:1 conversations throughout the day and scheduled group chats every evening. The group has at present 300+ members and is very active, with members from all over the world. There are also scheduled sessions for brand new learners, with the aim of providing them an opportunity to use their Welsh for the first time with others. The community is non public facing, but is completely free of charge. To get access, email with the message subject “WSP” for quick access.

Mam Cymru
Mam Cymru is a bi-lingual blog aimed primarily at mothers but is a good read for anyone to be honest.
A collection of stories, news, reviews, how-to guides, advice on places to visit, things to do and family tips. This website is a great read and its handy language switcher on the main menu is incredibly useful.

ParaSiaradWhere can I speak Welsh?
Although this feature is part of Neil’s site that has already been linked earlier on this page, I feel that this resource is so good that it deserves a link of its own.
“Where can I speak Welsh?” is a collection of user-submitted locations where you can go and use your Welsh. Included in this list are shops, pubs, cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries and everything else you can imagine. If they are open to the public and they speak Welsh, you’ll find them on Neil’s list.
BYWBreathe your Welsh
Breathe your Welsh is a website aimed at showing Welsh speakers where they can go and use their Welsh in shops and businesses.
A growing list of places, presented via a map, making things very easy and convenient to use.

ChannelHeaderLearn Welsh with Nicky
“Learn Welsh with Nicky” is my own YouTube channel that I have been running since December 2016.
What started as a bit of a vlog capturing my learning journey became a bit of a channel for learning with some funny videos, some travel videos and a bit of everything.
I try and upload a new video every week or so, so please come over and give it a look!